■ Current status of sites where the machines were installed


At the sites where the machines are installed, not a few parts rely on experiences and intuitions of skilled workers.
Also, it is difficult to increase number of worker at factories because of their 3D (dirty, dangerous and demeaning) working environment and also an aging population with declining birthrate.
In most of the cases, not a dedicated staff handle the operation of the machine but a staff does it together with other tasks in parallel. Moreover, these tasks are often done at factory’s offices which are not at the site where the machines were installed.

KENKI FDRYER reason for introduction sludge dryer kenkidryer 02112021


3D work introduction sludge dryer kenkidryer 02112021


AI・IoT PLC sludge dryer kenkidryer 02112021


■ Remote control with IoT of KENKI DRYER


The remote control with IoT of KENKI DRYER is touch panel type and makes operation handling easy. 
By the remote control with IoT of KENKI DRYER, operation of KENKI DRYER can be handled in factory office etc.
 by doing other tasks without going to the local site.
With easy operation of the remote control with IoT of KENKI DRYER, no additional labor cost happens since there is no need to hire skilled workers.
Since work at local sites become less and there is no direct contact with other staff, infectious disease can be prevented.
Also, by having AI read the accumulated data of IoT remote control, AI control becomes more accurate.
With technologies based on 11 patents in 8 countries, KENKI DRYER can dry sticky and adhesive materials that no other dryers can deal with. It can dry any materials easily with simple operation and low cost.
While the main purposes of drying are countermeasures for rising price of industrial waste disposal cost, reduction of amount and cost of industrial waste disposal, and reduction of CO2, they can be achieved efficiently and with no operator by IoT and AI technologies . A company can increase its profit together with its environmental contribution as the results.


Remote control with IoT
remote control with IoT sludge dryer kenkidryer 02112021


PLC IoT Software
PLC IoT software sludge dryer kenkidryer 29102021


■ Alignment of AI and IoT


In automatic control with AI, system cooperation with IoT which is for remote control is very important. KENKI DRYER’s automatic control with AI uses data accumulated by IoT to improve its accuracy.
By integrating AI programs into PLC, it can be connected to remote control programs of IoT, and the data accumulated in IoT can be used by AI.


visual control improvement sludge dryer kenkidryer 02112021




AI (Artificial Intelligence) a term for software or system which is simulated human knowledge with computers.


IoT stand for Internet of Things and is a system to getting data from things and control the things remotely by incorporating information into things and connecting them via internet.


PLC is a device which automatically control a machine.