sludge dryer kenki dryer point Sludge drying is the best way to reduce the cost of industrial waste disposal.

sludge dryer KENKI DRYER worry

Are you considering your cost reduction in industrial waste disposal of sludge which is getting higher and higher?
Is it possible to retrieve the cost of the machine in short term?
It can dry any sticky or adhesive materials without clogging.

sludge dryer chemical sludge drying

sludge dryer kenki dryer point Cost of the dryer can be retrieved in short term by the costs reduction in the industrial waste disposal. 

sludge dryer KENKI DRYER solutionThe cost of industrial waste disposal is reducible by only drying waste such as sludge. Reduction of the industrial waste is contribution to the global environment.
The running cost is kept minimum by low-temperature drying.

sludge dryer KENKI DRYER oil plant sludge

sludge dryer KENKI DRYER solutionBecause of low-temperature drying, the material components are not changed.
The dried material can be used for various purposes.
In fuelization, electricity generation, hydrogen extraction and product line,

sulrry dryer sludge dryer KENKI DRYER polychlorinated alumium