■ Remote control with IoT 




About remote control with IoT


By enabling remote access with simple touch panel at KENKI DRYER of a high moisture contents sludge dryer, operation of the dryer becomes possible at factory office, home etc. while doing other tasks and there is no need to go to sites where the dryers are installed.

remote control with IoT sludge dryer kenkidryer 30102021

IoT local site sludge dryer kenkidryer 29102021IoT engineer factory sludge dryer kenkidryer 30102021


■ Types of the remote control with IoT


There are three things that the IoT remote control can do.
1. Operation status check
2. Error notification
3. Operation


■ 1. Operation status check


Operation status of KENKI DRYER is collected every second and drawn as graphs.
Graphs showing the change of temperature at each part, rotation speed of motors and electricity current are displayed.
These data are continuously collected and used to build AI model.
Also, data about amount and moisture content of fed material can be input and more accurate AI model can be built by using these data together.


IoT running screen sludge dryer kenidryer 30102021


IoT running screen graph sludge dryer kenkidryer 30102021



■ 2. Error notification


The devices running the remote control are alarmed when the dryer is stopped abnormally and the devices show the reason of the error. Recovering instructions are also displayed and anyone can recover it.
Error information is also collected and used for building AI models.
The range of abnormality can be determined at PLC, and also at AI.


IoT error screen sludge dyer kenkidryer 31102021


IoT error alarm sludge dryer kenkidryer 31102021IoT stop button sludge dryer kenki[dryer 31102021


■ 3. Operation

Simple and user-friendly touch panel displays are used and anyone can operate remotely.
Dryer starts unattended operation by clicking the operation start button.
While the dryer is running, no-one needs to be involved in the driving operations and can do other tasks.
When error occurred, alarm will be displayed and recovery can be done by following the instruction displayed together.
In case that the dryer needs to be stopped, it can be done by simple touch panel operation.


IoT operation screen sludge dryer kenkidryer 31102021


IoT operation screens sludge dryer kenkidryer 31102021


With IoT remote control of KENKI DRYER, measures against labor productivity improvement, the declining birthrate, labor shortage and infectious diseases can be taken.
With technologies based on 11 patents in 8 countries, KENKI DRYER can dry sticky and adhesive materials that no other dryers can deal with. It can dry any materials easily with simple operation and low cost. 
While the main purposes of drying are countermeasures for rising price of industrial waste disposal cost, reduction of amount and cost of industrial waste disposal, and reduction of CO2, they can be achieved efficiently and with no operator by IoT & AI technology. A company can increase its profit together with its environmental contribution as the results.


remote control with IoT sludge dryer kenkidryer 02112021



AI (Artificial Intelligence) a term for software or system which is simulated human knowledge with computers.


IoT stand for Internet of Things and is a system to getting data from things and control the things remotely by incorporating information into things and connecting them via inter