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Video showing parts of drying process is posted. Videos are frequently uploaded to Youtube site as well.


アイコン レ点 Decarbonization




アイコン レ点 Low temperature drying




アイコン レ点 Four drying mechanisms




アイコン レ点 Drying process




アイコン レ点 Three major features




アイコン レ点 Self cleaning mechanism




アイコン レ点 Hot air circulating mechanism




アイコン レ点 Effects & measures of flocculants




アイコン レ点 Why do we dry sludge which is difficult to be treated?




アイコン レ点 Heat source, Steam and Heat pump







sludge dryer kenki dryer check mark Sludge drying・Waste drying


Fish processing sludge


Cow dung

Midgut gland of the scallop   
Cow oil sludge 
Used tea leaves 
Soy Pulp 

sludge dryer kenki dryer check mark Slurry drying

Polychlorinated aluminum liquid 
Clay-formed raw materials
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