■ About tube dryer 


Tube dryer is an indirect heat transfer dryer which uses steam as a heat source. As its structure, tubes are arranged concentrically in a main body which is in cylindrical shape, and fed material is heated and dried by the tube where steams are injected as heating medium. By rotating the cylindrical main body, the fed materials are agitated and scooped up by lifters settled in the main body and also moved to outlet.
As the main body rotates and the lifters in the main body agitate and scoop up the fed materials, the tube in the main body comes into contact with the materials and the materials are heated, dried and moved the material to the outlet.


■ Comparison with KENKI DRYER


Because of its structure, rotary steam tube dryer is aimed to handle a large amount of material and its price is high. Also, it is not suitable for drying sticky and adhesive materials.
KENKI DRYER, on the other hand, by unique technology which has international patents, No matter how sticky and adhesive the material is, the dryer is never clogged.
Sludge discharged from wastewater treatment plants contains flocculants. They become lumps during the drying process, and it becomes difficult for heat to reach inside. The material to be dried are smashed during the drying process, so they does not form lumps and keeps their size small. Heat reaches inside of the materials and the materials are dried steadily and evenly.
KENKI DRYER is a dryer which can manage any materials and also can vaporize a very large amount of moisture and relatively inexpensive. KENKI DRYER is an eco-friendly decarbonizing dryer which is safe and does not generate CO2.

KENKI DRYER has unique technologies which has international patents, such as self-cleaning, hot air circulation, feeding device and crashing mechanisms while tube dryer don’t have them.


Compared itemsKENKI DRYERTube dryer
Sticky and adhesive materialsAvailableNot available
Self-cleaning mechanismAvailableNot available
Hot air circulation mechanismAvailableNot available
Feeding deviceAvailableNot available
Crashing mechanismAvailableNot available



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