About vacuum dryer


A vacuum dryer is a dryer using a principle that vacuumed or decompressed state in the sealed area makes temperature of vaporization lower.
By exhausting air in sealed container with vacuum pumps, vacuumed or decompressed state is generated. Materials in the container can be heated and dried under the vacuumed or decompressed state by heating the sealed container itself. By keeping pressure inside of container low, moisture in the container can be vaporized at lower temperature than 100℃, so drying process can be done without a high temperature.


■ Comparison with KENKI DRYER


Since vacuum dryer need to make vacuumed or decompressed state in sealed containers with vacuum pumps, it cannot be run continuously and its process need to be batch processing which handles the materials once they reached a certain amount.
In the batch processing, automation cannot be done since running cycle is fixed and someone need to operate for the process of the cycle. For example, dehydration which is a previous process of drying is normally a continuous processing and vacuum dryer is not suitable with it.
KENKI DRYER, on the other hand, supports continuous operation and daily maintenance is also easy, therefore, most of customer who installed KENKI DRYER is using it for 24 hours in automatic.
Also, vacuum pump which is one of the most important parts of vacuum dryer needs regular maintenance and it also costs a lot in case of replacement.
In KENKI DRYER, most of its parts can be found in markets in general and consumption of rotating parts is small regardless of its continuous operation since main shaft’s rotation speed per hour is fairly slow. Therefore, maintenance cost can be kept very low. 
KENKI DRYER is a dryer which can manage any materials and also can vaporize a very large amount of moisture and relatively inexpensive. KENKI DRYER is an eco-friendly decarbonizing dryer which is safe and does not generate CO2.

KENKI DRYER has unique technologies which has international patents, such as self-cleaning, hot air circulation, feeding device and crashing mechanisms while vacuum dryer don’t have them.


Compared itemsKENKI DRYERVacuum dryer
Operation MethodContinuous / 24hours automaticBatch processing / Needs operators
Maintenance costLowThere are some expensive parts
Self-cleaning mechanismAvailableNot available
Hot air circulation mechanismAvailableNot available
Feeding deviceAvailableNot available
Crashing mechanismAvailableNot available



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