■ About drum dryer

Drum dryer is a dryer which dries materials by adhering them on surface of drums and heating them during one rotation of the drum.
The materials are adhered thinly on the heated drum surface and dried by being heated during one rotation of the drum, then they are scraped off by scraper knives and collected.
There are two types of drum dryers which is single type and double type, and there are several ways to adhere materials onto the drums as well.
In double drum dryer, materials are fed between two drums which are rotating inward and being heated by steam, adhered thinly on the heated drum surface, then dried, scraped and collected during one rotation of the drum.


■ Comparison with KENKI DRYER


The materials which can be dried by drum dryer is limited since the materials need to be adhered thinly on the drums and it is difficult to dry materials which does not spread on the surface.
Also, the amount of water evaporation is small since drying time is only one rotation of the drums.
KENKI DRYER, on the other hand, can manage any materials for its drying and it does not have any problem even if the materials are in lump shape.

KENKI DRYER is a dryer which can manage any materials and also can vaporize a very large amount of moisture and relatively inexpensive. KENKI DRYER is an eco-friendly decarbonizing dryer which is safe and does not generate CO2.

KENKI DRYER has unique technologies which has international patents, such as self-cleaning, hot air circulation, feeding device and crashing mechanisms while drum dryer don’t have them.


Compared itemsKENKI DRYERDrum dryer
Materials to be driedEverything except hard solids such as metal chip, stone, etc.Materials which spread thinly on drum surface.
Solid materialsAcceptableNot Acceptable
Amount of water evaporationsLargeSmall
Self-cleaning mechanismAvailableNot available
Hot air circulation mechanismAvailableNot available
Feeding device Available Not available
Crashing mechanism Available Not available



■ Comparison between KENKI DRYER and drum dryer / Video





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