sludge dryer kenki dryer good Four methods of drying process
KENKI DRYER (sludge drying, slurry drying)

Four methods of drying process (1) Crushing and drying    
A material supplying device which has uniquely shaped blades being attached to two shafts and rotating constantly. It smashes solid and sticky materials such as sludge, and carries smoothly to the main body of the dryer.

(2) Agitation drying
This is the main section of this dryer. Unique and patented blades are attached to two shafts set inside of the main body of the dryer, and the blades dry, agitate and carry materials without clogging. Steam are supplied into the two shafts so that the shafts and the blades are continuously heated.

(3) Circulation drying
Air inside of the dryer is drawn in with a circulation blower and the air is blown back to the dryer after heated by heat exchangers attached on the upper part of the dryer.The air blown back is aimed at the top part of the material.To blow heated air always on the top part of the materials helps to dry the materials efficiently. 

(4) Indirect drying
A heat exchanger is attached to outside of the dryer’s trough. Steam is supplied to the heat exchanger and the side and bottom parts of the dryer are heated up continuously. 

sludge dryer kenki dryer point  Patented in JAPAN

sludge dryer kenki dryer good Easy moisture content adjustment
KENKI DRYER (sludge drying, slurry drying) 

sludge dryer kenki dryer check mark  As residence time of materials inside of the dryer can be adjusted by changing rotation speed of shafts, moisture content can also be adjusted.

Easy moisture content adjustment

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KENKI DRYER (sludge drying, slurry drying)