■ About paddle dryer 


Paddle dryer is a dryer which has heat medium such as steam injected into its shaft and blade called disc or paddle, and heats and dries fed materials with the heat transmitted from the shafts and blades.
As the shaft with the blades attached rotates, the material is agitated, heated, and dried as being moved forward to outlet.
The blades called discs or paddles are made based on the manufacturer’s unique technology and some manufacturer owns their self-cleaning technology which scrape off adhered materials with the blades as the shaft rotates. It prevents the dryer to be clogged with the material, and it also increases heat and drying efficiency by updating the surface where heat is transmitted.

This dryer is also called paddle dryer or disc dryer regarding the name of the blades.


■ Comparison with KENKI DRYER


Paddle dryer is very expensive compared with KENKI DRYER due to their structure.
Paddle dryer injects steam into its paddles, therefore, it consumes much large steam and the steam can leak when the paddles are worn out.
KENKI DRYER has better performance regarding self-cleaning mechanism, and it also has very high drying efficiency with its smashing function which paddle dryer doesn’t have.
Also, KENKI DRYER has a feeding device for feeding dried materials while crushing and heating that no other companies have and a unique hot air heating and drying function and it heats air inside of dryer and hit the heated air on the fed material.
KENKI DRYER is a dryer which can manage any materials and also can vaporize a very large amount of moisture and relatively inexpensive. KENKI DRYER is an eco-friendly decarbonizing dryer which is safe and does not generate CO2.

KENKI DRYER has unique technologies which has international patents, such as self-cleaning, hot air circulation, feeding device and crashing mechanisms while paddle dryer don’t have them.


Compared itemsKENKI DRYERPaddle dryer
Paddles or Discs

International patents technologies

Steam injection
Self-cleaning mechanismAvailableAvailable but performance is low
Hot air circulation mechanismAvailableNot available
Feeding deviceAvailableNot available
Crashing mechanismAvailableNot available



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