■ Products Spesifications


When you consider about KENKI DRYER, please provide your required conditions of dryer so that we will reply with estimated price and product specifications which include model name, size, steam consumption, electricity consumption, weights etc. based on our standard model. Model selection at this point is according to amount of water to be dried and official quotation, specification, dimensional drawing will be submitted after performing drying test. If it is found that specification of required dryer differs from specification of standard model, we will re-design it to satisfy your requirements, then submit quotation, product specification and dimensional drawing which include model name, size, steam consumption, electricity consumption, weights etc.. In addition, there are some conditions which is necessary for KENKI DRYER to be installed and water quality standards (JIS, Japanese Industrial Standard) which have to be met by steam-generating boiler that generates saturated steam used by KENKI DRYER, so that quotation will be within these limitations.


■ Required conditions for cost estimation of KENKI DRYER
1.Name and components of materials to be dried
2.Specific gravity
3.Amount of material input per hour, kg/hour or ton/hour
4.Moisture contents before and after drying, W.B. (wet basis)
5.Saturated steam pressure


■ Installation condition of KENKI DRYER 
1.Place of installationIndoor. Low dust level. Place where is no water splash nor steam hitting.
3.Temperature-10℃ – 40℃
4.Humidity85% or less
5.Elevation1000M or less
6.AtmosphereWell ventilated and there is no corrosive gas, explosive gas nor dusts.


■ Boiler water quality standards
Boiler feedwater and boiler water must satisfy the following standard.
JIS B8223-2015



Wood chips dryer TSW series
TSW-2L-101,000~60015.7~3752257(w)×11820(L)×2530(H) 17
TSW-2L-151,500~90022.7~562.52650(w)×12160(L)×3160(H) 25
Under following condition
Initial moisture rate 60~50%W.B.  Output moisture rate 40~20%W.B. 
Input specific gravity:0.3~0.4  Steam pressure:0.7Mpa(Max)
Materials:SUS304 or SUS316L 



specifications dimensions KENKI DRYER