New product of KENKIDRYER is under developing. Sludge drying, Slurry drying

You can see movie about how the new product of KENKIDRYER is being produced in below.

Our company is now developing a new product of KENKIDRYER.
A test machine is currently being produced after passing the process of mechanical design, trial production, data collection and re-design.This production of the test machine is now in final stage and is going to be done soon.
The new product is aimed at space saving compared with previous TS series and it is smaller in size than existing products.
In addition to costs reduction of industrial waste disposal, it has another profitable feature that its dried materials can be used for various purpose after drying because there is less change in components of the dried materials results from low-temperature drying.
It is a sludge dryer, a slurry dryer and a dryer for recycling industrial wastes.
Development progress of the new product will be reported successively.