The production of new KENKI DRYER is now in final stage./Sludge dryer, Slurry dryer

About new product of KENKI DRYER

You can see movie about how the new product of KENKI DRYER is being produced in below.

Point of improvement about our new product of KENKI DRYER being produced currently is blade which is one of the most important parts of the dryer.By improving blades, heated area per unit area is increased compared with existing types of our dryers.
Only heated area is increased during our unique structure of blade which is patented in USA remains unchanged.This means that installation space saving can be possible and the product achieves its downsizing.
Actually, one of the most common requests about our dryer in domestic is space saving.
Also, drying with heat source other than steam, such as hot water and oils, will be possible while our existing products does not support it.Steam is used for its latent heat, and hot water and oil are used for their sensible heats. Compering efficiency in drying, it is said that it’s two to five times better in steam than ones of hot water and oil.However, since hot water and oils are already in used but steam is not, or steam generators and boilers are needed to be purchased to make use of steam, there are also many inquiries for drying with heat sources other than steam actually.
After the developments and improvements this time, we are able to recommend our new products of KENKI DRYER with confidence even for customers who have had difficulties in introducing our existing product.
The production of new KENKI DRYER is now in final stage.

  • It can dry any sticky or viscous materials.
  • It prevents change in material component by drying with low temperature.
  • It can achieve 24-hour unattended operation and no arrangement of operator is necessary.

To sludge drying, slurry drying, waste drying, recycling drying