Test has started with new product of KENKI DRYER / sludge dryer , slurry dryer

Test has started with new product of KENKI DRYER.

Soon after having completed urgent manufacturing and composition of the new KENKI DRYER, drying test with customer’s witness were taken place.
This test has already been done by previous product of our dryer and we were asking the customer to wait until the new product to be completed. The customer’s requirement is space-saving.Equipment in their factory has not been laid out as dryer would be introduced, and the requirement is to set up in small space available around wastewater treatment facilities.
Main difference between the new product and the previous one is improvement of special blade attached shaft inside of the dryer. There is no other change from the previous product.Only the blade attached shaft inside the dryer is replaced for the test dryer used in the test.There is no change in size and space to set up about the new product compared with the previous one.Appearance is exactly the same as the previous one.
Contents of the test is that the same material as previous test is used and amount of input per hour is increased to 1.5 times more.Moisture contents before putting in is almost the same as the previous.Steam pressure and rotation speed are adjusted while moisture contents after drying is being checked.The requirement of this test is to check if the new product is able to dry to reach the requested moisture contents level while amount of the material to be put in per hour increased to 1.5 times more than one in the test with previous product.
About the result of the test, customer was satisfied with it and it fulfilled our target value as well.It suggests the new product was improved in its drying efficiency to 1.5 times better than the previous product.Form this test result, it can be said that the new product realized the space saving of its machine space to two thirds size of the previous product.
We will continue executing drying tests that keeping you waiting. We will continue correcting data and comparing the difference in their efficiency with the previous product.
From now on, we call the new product as TSB series. We also keep on manufacturing TS series which are the previous products according to your requirement.