Why steam is used? / sludge drying, slurry drying, recycling drying

Why steam is used?
Latent heat of vaporization is used. Although steam is gas, it turns to liquid when it hits cold objects. During this liquefaction process, large amount of heat is produced. It is said that amount of the heat is two to five times larger than ones of warm water and oil.
Heat of warm water and oil is called sensible heat and the sensible heat is consumed by hitting cold objects, so that temperature of warm water and oil becomes low.

Is it capable to control condition of materials after drying? Is it capable to control moisture content of materials after drying?
Moisture content after drying can be controlled by two ways.
The first is adjusting steam pressure which changes drying temperature, and controlling moisture content after drying as a result.
The second is adjusting rotation speed of shafts inside of the dryer’s main body. This is aimed to change residence time of the materials inside of the dryer.