Sludge and organic material / sludge dryer, slurry dryer, recycling dryer

First, what is “sludge”?
In brief, it is a general term for muddy materials and has very wide scope.It is divided into organic sludge and inorganic sludge regarding to its chemical property.Sludge is derived from wastewater treatment, sewage treatment, various kind of plants and construction sites, and it is categorized as industrial waste sludge and general waste sludge. The categorization depends on the fields and the situations where it arises from.  
Organic sludge is, of course, sludge of organic materials. Also, inorganic sludge is sludge of inorganic materials.

What is organic material and inorganic material then?
Actually, there is no clear distinction between them.An organic material is generally a compound includes carbon in its molecules.Other than that can be said as inorganic material.
Main characteristics of organic material is that melting point is lower and it burns more easily compared with inorganic materials while organic material contains carbon in it.Therefore, during drying processes which include both organic and inorganic materials by a dryer, there is possibility that only organic material burn depending on amount of heat energy given.When material burn, smoke and soot are derived so that subsidiary facilities such as dust collectors, scrubber, gas treatment and so on need to be prepared.
Since our KENKI DRYER uses low-temperature and indirect drying with steam as its heat source, materials to be dried are hardly burn.