Why low-temperature is used for drying? / KENKI DRYER / sludge drying, slurry drying, feed drying

KENKI DRYER is a continuous drying machine with low-temperature.Then why low-temperature is used for its drying?

There are several reasons.
1) Clogging can be prevented even with low-temperature drying. Dryer can avoid being blocked up.
Because our dryer of KENKI DRYER is using unique and patented mechanism, material will not be clogged inside of the dryer, no matter how sticky and adhesive the materials are.Compared with high-temperature drying, materials to be dried often clog inside of the dryer in case of drying of sticky and adhesive material especially with low-temperature.
Any materials such as sludge, slurry, ingredient of pet food and feed stuff can be dried with low-temperature.
Please see this for the details of our original self-cleaning mechanism.

2) Change in components of dried material is kept to a minimum.
In low-temperature drying, dried material can be used for various purpose after being dried since changes in its components are small.For example, fuels, soil conditioners and so on.
Also, the physical property of the dried material is optimum to be used in next process.For example, a pyrolizer etc.
Please see this for a pyrolizer called Biogreen in details.

3) Running cost is low.
Because of low-temperature drying, the cost of fuel is lower compared with high-temperature drying.And there is less damage on the dryer body.

4) Low pressured steam is used as heat sources of the drying.
Continuous drying machine of KENKI DRYER uses latent heat of steam to dry the materials.Maximum allowed pressure is 0.7Mpa. Adjustment of drying temperature can be done easily by changing the steam pressure.
Please see this about the steam.

5) It is safe.
It is a safe dryer because low-temperature drying and steams are used.Fire is not used at all for the dryer itself. Operation and adjustment are also easy.

6) Steam can be found easily around a factory.
Steam is commonly used in a production and processing factory.If it is possible to get steam within a factory, there is no need to prepare from outside.Also, it does not take time to use steam since operators are usually used to handle steam.