KENKI DRYER Comparison between new product and previous product / recycling drying , waste drying

KENKI DRYER  Comparison between new product and previous product / Drying of very sticky or adhesive materials

Material to be dried : Residue of citrus fruits
Any dryers made by other manufacturer cannot dry because of its strong adherence.
Also, desired moisture contents cannot be reached.
Moisture contents before drying:84.5 %W.B.

Test results

ModelSteam insurted to the bladesHeating area per unitSize of grains after dryingMoisture contents after drying
New product, Model:TSBAvailable1.5 times as large as TSLarge55.5~56.9 %W.B.
Previous product, Model:TSNot Available1Small13.6~18.8 %W.B.


From the above results,
1)The results is better in previous TS model about drying adhesive materials.
2)Regarding to TSB, surface is dried but inner part is not dried after drying.
3)Regarding to TS, materials that its color turned to black after drying cannot be smashed by hands, so it is nearly in absolute dry state.The materials not turned to black can be smashed by hands and they have moisture inside.
4)Moisture contents after drying is higher when heating area per unit area is larger. The material is not dried. 

Our conclusion
1)The most important thing for drying adhesive materials is to make the surface of the material as small as possible.
2)About drying adhesive materials, drying efficiency per unit area will be improved by developing TS model. 
3)Although detailed of development will not be written here since it is confidential corporate information, size of dryer for adhesive material can be made smaller. 

comparison new and previous product 10.7.2017