The purpose of the drying / sludge drying, slurry drying, recycling drying

About the purpose of the drying
KENKI DRYER can dry any sticky or  materials without being clogged in the machine by using unique patented self-cleaning screws. And because of low-temperature drying, the material components are not changed. The dried material can be used for various purposes after drying. purpose of the drying 10.10.2017

Self-cleaning screw
Drying no other one can do. any sticky, adhesive stuff
Patented in JAPAN, US, TAIWAN
Patent applied in FRANCE, CHINA, KOREA, EU, CANADA
Even materials stuck on the blades of one screw, blades of the other screw peel the materials off as they rotate. No sticky or adhesive materials can stick on the blades. Hence, any kind of material can be dried without being clogged inside the dryer.

SHTS Steam Heated Twin Screw Technology

Three Major characteristics
Low-temperature drying
2)Prevention of being clogged
3)Continuous operation

sludge dryer kenki dryer 3 major characteristics Low-temperature drying Prevention of being clogged Continuous operation exploded view


Four methods of drying process
Patented in JAPAN, TAIWAN  Patent applied in CHINA, KOREA, EU, US,CANADA  
1)Crushing and drying
2)Agitation drying
3)Circulation drying
4)Indirect drying

kenki dryer  four methods


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