Energy amount conversion method of steam / sludge drying, slurry drying, waste drying

Heat source of KENKI DRYER, which is a drying apparatus, is saturated steam. To convert the amount of steam consumed for its drying process into energy amount, “Conversion method of steam” issued by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) is a good reference.

Specific enthalpy of steam is used for the calculation of amount of steam consumed.


The enthalpy of a system suggests internal heat energy that the system has, and is equal to the system’s internal energy plus energy of expansion and contraction.

Specific enthalpy

Enthalpy per unit of mass

Calorific value

Amount of energy released to outside, or taken in from outside


Saturated steam is in saturated state, which is a state that both liquid and gas phases exit together at the same time. On the “Steam tables”, values of both saturated water (liquid part) and saturated gas (gas part) are described. The steam tables have single quotation mark (‘) for values of saturated water, and double quotation mark (“) for saturated gas.
The “Steam table” here suggests JSME (Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers) Steam Tables.


1. Steam energy , Saturated steam
The following is extracted from the steam tables and calculated.

steam pressure steam temperature h”:Specific enthalpy (Saturated steam r:Specific enthalpy (Latent heat of vaporization)(1)
Mpa MJ/kg kwh/kg Mcal/kg MJ/kg kwh/kg Mcal/kg
0.1 99.63 2.675 0.743 0.639  2.258 0.627 0.539
0.2 120.23 2.706 0.752 0.646 2.202 0.612 0.526
0.3 133.54 2.725 0.757 0.651 2.163 0.601 0.517
0.4 143.62 2.738 0.761 0.654 2.133  0.593 0.509
0.5 151.84 2.748 0.763 0.656 2.107 0.585 0.503
0.6 158.84 2.756 0.766 0.658 2.085 0.579 0.498
0.7 164.96 2.762 0.767 0.660 2.065 0.574 0.493
(1)h”(Saturated steam Specific enthalpy)-h’(Saturated water Specific enthalpy)=r(Latent heat of vaporization Specific enthalpy)
1J=0.2778kwh 1kwh=3.6MJ 1J=0.2388cal 1cal=4.184J
1,000kJ=1MJ 1,000kwh=1Mkwh 1,000kcal=1Mcal  


2. Conversion formula


Amount of steam energy = [h”(Specific enthalpy / Saturated steam)      
  ( 1- Dryness of steam ) × r( Specific enthalpy /)]
  × Steam amount        



Steam energy amount= h”( Specific enthalpy / Saturated steam ) × 蒸気量


3. Caluculation example

Steam pressure 0.4 Mpa
Dryness of steam 0.8  
Steam amount 308 kg/h



(2.738-0.2×2.085)×308= 714.87 MJ/h
  198.57 kwh
  170.71 Mcal/h



2.738×308= 843.30 MJ/h
  234.25 kwh
  201.38 Mcal/h



■ Sludge drying, Slurry drying, Organic waste drying Easily, Safely, Surely and low-price

KENKI DRYER which is designed and manufactured based on technologies certificated as International Patents can dry materials that no other company can deal with, such as sticky, adhesive and viscous materials with high water contents, and also materials in liquid state easily, safely and surely. Since it has outstanding ability and simple structure at the same time, initial, running and maintenance costs are low and we normally ask customers to compare with other manufacturer’s products when we got inquiries.
Machine cost can be retrieved in short term for sludge drying, and also for low-material slurry drying, we recommend replacing compartment tray dryer which cause laborious works in its manual operation. Since organic waste with high moisture content such as coffee grounds, used tea leaves, soy pulps, livestock excretions, vegetable scraps and food residues can be dried without change in their components because of low-temperature drying, they can be re-used and recycled as fuels, soil conditioner, etc., and can be sold with high price, and also can contribute to the environment.
Sludge drying, low material slurry drying and organic waste drying with high moisture contents can be done easily, safely, surely and with low-cost.


Heat source, Steam


Products Spesifications



Please consider KENKI DRYER for drying of sticky materials, adhesive materials and materials in liquid state that no other dryer can deal with.
Initial, running and maintenance costs are low because of its simple structure based on internationally patented technology.
For sludge drying, costs of our dryers are estimated to be retrieved within 2, 3 years by reducing industrial waste disposal cost.
For raw material slurry drying, laborious works of manual operation will be decreased significantly by replacing box shaped compartment tray dryer with our dryer
In case of organic wastes drying, the waste can be recycled as fuel, fertilizer, soil conditioner and feedstuff after being dried.



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