We have got two patents in France.

We have got two patents in France and got a patent certification for one of them.
Its contents are the following and it took five and half years to be patented.
The other patent we got is for EU, and we already have patents in UK, Switzerland and Germany although we have not received patent certifications yet.
Also, we have been noticed that a patent is granted in Canada. Up to now, number of countries in which we have been patented is total eight including Japan, and number of patents is total eleven. 

Contents of patents that we got certification in France
1) Blade Structure

Contents of patents about the other patent in France
1) Blade Structure
2) Whole Structure
3) Blade replacement


France patent KENKI DRYER 03062019



Patent certificates


Global patents



Please consider KENKI DRYER for drying of sticky materials, adhesive materials and materials in liquid state that no other dryer can deal with.
Initial, running and maintenance costs are low because of its simple structure based on internationally patented technology.
For sludge drying, costs of our dryers are estimated to be retrieved within 2, 3 years by reducing industrial waste disposal cost.
For raw material slurry drying, laborious works of manual operation will be decreased significantly by replacing box shaped compartment tray dryer with our dryer
In case of organic wastes drying, the waste can be recycled as fuel, fertilizer, soil conditioner and feedstuff after being dried.



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