Raw materials slurry drying / Liquid drying / Test cases

Raw materials slurry drying / Liquid drying / Test cases

  • Material to be dry: Raw materials slurry, Liquid 
  • Purpose of drying: Raw materials
  • Moisture content: 72%W.B. before drying,  3.9%W.B. after drying
  • Requirements for dryer:  To prevent clogging in a dryer body with highly sticky and adhesive materials. 24 hours autonomous operation. No change in components of the dried materials after drying because of the purpose for raw materials.
  • Test result: OK

raw materials drying liquid drying kenki dryer 03/06/2020

■ Drying of slurry / Drying of materials that no other company can do, from sticky and adhesive material to liquid slurry


Ability of KENKI DRYER which is certificated by International Patent can be demonstrated in drying of slurry, too. No matter how sticky, adhesive and viscous the material is, there is no clogging inside of the dryer and operation is done stably and without any trouble even for the raw material slurry which is in liquid state.
Heat source is saturated steam, and components of material being dried are not changed because the drying is done by low-temperature. There is no disadvantage in the drying of raw material at all. Even KENKI DRYER uses only saturated steam as its heat source, it is outstanding in safety and hygiene point of view with its unique drying mechanism based on combined use of conductive heat transfer method and heated air method. Materials are completely dried from inside and discharged with uniform and highly stable quality.
There is no need for manual work in the drying process and unattended operation is possible for 24 hours.
If traditional compartment tray dryer is replaced by KENKI DRYER, drying process becomes simple and there is no need for being bothered by laborious works of manual operation.


Slurry drying



Please consider KENKI DRYER for drying of sticky materials, adhesive materials and materials in liquid state that no other dryer can deal with.
Initial, running and maintenance costs are low because of its simple structure based on internationally patented technology.
For sludge drying, costs of our dryers are estimated to be retrieved within 2, 3 years by reducing industrial waste disposal cost.
For raw material slurry drying, laborious works of manual operation will be decreased significantly by replacing box shaped compartment tray dryer with our dryer
In case of organic wastes drying, the waste can be recycled as fuel, fertilizer, soil conditioner and feedstuff after being dried.



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