We are going to exhibit at one of the largest world exhibition / IFAT 2022 Munich, Germany

We are going to exhibit at IFAT, World’s Leading Trade Fair for Environmental Technologies. This is a joint exhibition with ETIA, a part of VOW.

Exhibition nameIFAT2022
PeriodMay 30ーJune 3, 2022
PlaceMunich, Germany
BoothHall:A4  Booth:NO.421/520
Exhibition product

KENKI DRYER  / A continuous low temperature dryer
Dryer for sticky and adhesive materials that no other product can deal with. Having 11 patents in 8 countries.

Biogreen / A electric heating type pyrolyzer  carbonizing, gasifying, oil producing equipment, Internationally patented technology


IFAT Munich 2022 kenki dryer


■ Exhibit details

Dryer having 11 patents in 8 countries which is for drying sticky and adhesive materials such as sludge, slurry, etc. About KENKI DRYER’s works.


■ Main attraction of our exhibit

Actual installation examples of KENKI DRYER which is a dryer for sticky and adhesive material containing high moisture, sludge waste, sully etc. will be exhibited.
KENKI DRYER which is a dryer for waste sludge and slurry has 11 patents in 8 countries and can easily dry sticky and adhesive materials containing high moisture contents that no other product can deal with by its continuous low temperature drying function and the dried materials can be recycled.
Drying heat efficiency is very high and amount of saturated heat used as heat source can be kept low.


■ Exhibits 

Continuous low temperature drying equipment KENKI DRYER.

KENKI DRYER which is a continuous low temperature dryer has 8 patents in 11 countries and can dry sticky and adhesive materials containing high moisture contents that no other product can deal with by low cost.
It consumes low energy because of its high drying heat efficiency, and decarbonation with no greenhouse gases emission is possible by using surplus steam from the factory.
Machine cost can be covered by reduced cost of waste disposal for 2 to 3 years, dried materials can be recycled because of its low temperature drying method and machine maintenance is easy because of less parts consumption.
It can be run for 24 hours without operators.
We have a lot of experience and results.

KENKI DRYER sludge drying slurry drying waste drying top 01



Please consider KENKI DRYER for drying of sticky materials, adhesive materials and materials in liquid state that no other dryer can deal with.
Initial, running and maintenance costs are low because of its simple structure based on internationally patented technology.
For sludge drying, costs of our dryers are estimated to be retrieved within 2, 3 years by reducing industrial waste disposal cost.
For raw material slurry drying, laborious works of manual operation will be decreased significantly by replacing box shaped compartment tray dryer with our dryer
In case of organic wastes drying, the waste can be recycled as fuel, fertilizer, soil conditioner and feedstuff after being dried.


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