Type of heat transfer of dryers / Radiant heat transfer 1/2 / sludge drying, slurry drying, feed drying

About radiant heat transfer 1/2
Radiant is one of the types of radiation and often defined as radiation of especially electromagnetic waves.In dryer’s terms, radiant heat transfer suggests a type of heating using electromagnetic wave. It transfers heat energy directly to a material and not through any object like conductive heat transfer.
Dryers use especially infrared and far infrared within electromagnetic wave.To be specific, radiant heat transfer of dryers suggests emitting infrared or far infrared to material directly.
Actually, an object having temperature is always emitting electromagnetic wave called infrared.Heat transfer other than radiant heat transfer, such as convective heat transfer and conductive heat transfer, are also using radiant heat transfer simultaneously when the temperature in a dryer is high.Also, the energy of the electromagnetic wave is higher when the temperature is high.
We were using infrared heater made by a manufacturer for a radiant heat transferring part of electrical heating type dryers we used to produce.The heating element of this heater was carbon based and not halogen or colts.Because its thermal efficiency is higher compared with other heaters, power consumption is small and inrush current was neglectable, so that it can simplify its overload protection circuit.
It can be said that radiant heat transfer using infrared and far infrared as its heat source is very safe and most eco-friendly.