Type of heat transfer of dryers / Radiant heat transfer 2/2 / sludge drying, recycling drying, feed drying

About radiant heat transfer 2/2
In case of using fires or flames, subsidiary facilities to take care of smoke and exhaust gas are necessary.However, it cannot avoid that power consumption and running costs get higher when electrical infrared or far infrared heaters are used. Running cost is one of the important factors when introducing a machine and enough comparisons and considerations are needed about it.In case of using fires and flames, it is necessary to be concerned about running costs of subsidiary facilities as well.Requirement for dryers about environmental problems are very strict recently.
Current dryer products of our company are using steam as their main heat source.Steam has good thermal efficiency since its latent heat can be utilized and it is also easy to be handled because it has been used in many factories.Steam is generated from water so it is eco-friendly, drain and hot water made from used steam of the dryer can be re-used, and running cost is also low.Physical damage for machine is small and it is easy to maintain because of drying with low-temperature.
By the way, drying in the sun called sun drying is also one of radiant heat transfers.Materials are dried by electromagnetic wave emitted from the sun.Necessary energy is only sun light so that it is the most energy and cost saving.However, it has several weaknesses that it depends largely upon the weather, walls and roofs are necessary to avoid rain and wind, and also spacious fields and long duration of time are needed.  

Please see this for the details of the steam.