New product of KENKI DRYER / Long-term dry test -1 / sludge drying ,waste drying

About additional tests for organic sludge (the third trial)-1

1.Materials to be dried : organic sludge with vinyl mixed.

2.Problems with drying:
1) Since vinyls are mixed in the sludge, melted vinyl adhere to the inside of the dryer in case of drying with high temperature. When vinyl adhere to inside of dryer, heat can not be conducted to the materials being dried and drying efficiency become low as time proceeds. 
2) The material to be dried has low specific gravity and dusts are generated easily.
There is not so much space for setting a dryer and a dryer is required to be small in its size.

3.Responses from other manufacturers:
Machine space and machine price are two to five times larger than our dryer.

4.Purpose of the test:
1) Final decision of dryer’s specification : the size of dryer will be made as small as possible.
2) Prevention of dust : dryer will be configured as not to generate dust as possible.

5.Additional measuring items drying the test:
The followings are added to the regular measurement items. Refer to the list of test data on a separate paper for the details.
1)  To confirm the ratio of the heating amount at the three different heated parts by measuring the amount of drain.(1) Shaft and blade, (2)Circulation, (3)Trough
2)   To confirm the occurrence of dust at the 5 different parts by changing frequency of circulation and exhaust blower.(1) Inside of the dryer, (2)circulating blower, (3)Circular tube of heat exchanger, (4)exhaust blower, (5)exhaust tank 
3)  Wind volume in each frequencies of circulation and exhaust blower.

6.Test setting:
A dryer is took to pieces each time setting is changed for individual test environment and conditions of each parts are checked.

7.Requirements for specification of the dryer
Material to be dried : organic sludge with vinyl mixed
1) Amount of input per hour  ○○ton/hour
2) Moisture contents of the material before drying ○○%, moisture contents after drying ○○%
3) Amount of evaporating water ○○kg/hour
4) Steam pressure ○○Mpa (saturated steam) superheated steam exhausted from a steam turbine is exchanged to saturated steam by reducing the pressure.

8.Purpose of introducing the dryer:
To reducing the amount of industrial waste

To be continued in our next number

Please see this for the details of the dry test.