New product of KENKI DRYER / Long-term dry test -2 / sludge drying ,waste drying

About test results
About additional tests for organic sludge (the third trial)-2

1.The maximum amount of input per hour
Our new product called TSB can handle 1.75 times more inputs than.

ModelSteam injection to the bladesHeated area per unit areasMaximum amount of input kg/hour
New product Type:TSBAvailable1.5 times larger than TS35
Previous product Type:TSNot Available120

2.About the test results
1)Circulation blower is necessary to make moisture contests less than 20% after drying.
2)It cannot avoid dusts to be generated even during circulation blower is stopped.
3)The length of the heating parts of the dryer can be shorten to 2/3 compared with the length originally estimated. 

3.Improvements of dryers
1)Inspection holes are added to upper part of the circular tubes of heat exchanger. This makes checking of amount of dust adhered to the heat exchanger tubes possible.
2)Dampers to adjust wind volume are added to circulation ducts. This balances wind volume at each air outlet ports. 

4.Estimated amount of drained water from exhaust blower in real machine.
Around 1.1% of total amount of input at the maximum.