New product of dryers specifically for wood chips. / wood chip dryer

New product of wood chips dryer is being developed and manufactured.

We are currently developing, designing and manufacturing a dryer specifically for wood chips. Construction, trial runs and tests are being planned after the manufacturing. The heat source of this wood chip dryer is low-pressure steam. (steam pressure : 0.7Mpa or less) 
Currently in Japan, Feed-in Tariff (FIT) guarantees that electricity generated with woody biomass must be purchased. 
Wood is formed like chip and electricity generation is took place by using them as raw materials, and there are two methods for the power generation which are gasification power generation and steam power generation. Electricity is generated by rotating turbine in both method, however, one uses pyrolysis system and the other uses direct combustion system. 
Japanese domestic wood has less efficiency in power generating compared with overseas wood. The reason is that domestic wood includes more moisture than overseas. Unlike the power generation with overseas wood, extra energy is necessary to vaporize water inside the wood in both systems of pyrolysis and direct combustion. Since this energy for vaporization is necessary, amount of energy to be used becomes more than power generation with overseas wood.
Currently, we have a lot of queries about wood chips dryer for power generation. Heat source of our dryer is low-pressure steam. In steam power generation, electricity is generated by rotating turbine with high-pressure superheated steam. By decompressing the remaining superheated steam, the steam can be injected into our dryer and used as heat source of drying.

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