New product of wood chips dryer is being assembled. / wood chip dryer

Wood chips dryer is being assembled.

Manufacturing process for our new product of wood chips dryer is nearly done and assembling process has been started. The whole structure of the wood chip dryer is the same as KENKI DRYER which is one of our patented product, however, the blades located inside and used for agitation and drying are different. Wood chip to be dried should not be crashed as much as possible and it needs to keep its original shape even after being dried. If it is crushed into powder, it will cause problems in post-processes such as conveyance process after drying. However, heat doesn’t be transmitted to the materials if the materials are not agitated enough, and drying efficiency becomes low. Therefore, special structure of blades which can dry during conveyance, agitate enough and does not crash the wood chip is necessary in our development this time.
After assembling process is done, tests with real wood chip will be performed. According to the test results, we will decide how we move forward.
Whole structure of wood chip dryer of our new product is the following, and is the same as KENKI DRYER which is our previous patented product. Only the difference is the agitating blade which is located inside and shown in (2) below.

Four methods of drying process

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