Taking Japanese and Taiwanese patents

We took Japanese and Taiwanese patents recently.

・Japanese patent
This is our second patent in domestic. It took 4 years from application to acquisition. We have been patented about this content already in US.
The content of this patent:Structure of blade.

・Taiwanese patent
This is our first patent in Taiwan. It took 3 years from application to acquisition.
The contents of this patent
1)Structure of blade. 
2)Structure of whole dryer
3)Blade exchange

We will inform copies of written certificate to you when we get them.

Countries and areas where we have already applied the patent are France, China, Korea, EU, Canada and US. 
We have also applied US other patents than the one already patented.

Obtained Letters Patent of Japan and US in the past
kenki dryer patents Japan, US 7.10.2017

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