What is the details about patents that KENKI DRYER has?

About the patents that KENKI DRYER has,
there are mainly two kinds of patent which are SHTS technology and drying mechanism

・SHTS technology
1) Self-cleaning screws
2) To prevent forming lumps with sticky and adhesive materials – a mechanism which shears the materials being dried.

・Drying mechanism
Original four drying mechanisms
By shutting out fresh air from outside and hitting hot air heated by circulation heating onto the materials to be dried, drying efficiency is improved and also temperature in the dryer is kept high.

Patents will be applied also for our next model which is currently being developed.



kenki dryer SHTS technology  prevent adhesion


 kenki dryer lump prevention mechanism SHTS technology


rkenki dryer methods of drying process


Blowing hot air and keeping high temperature kenki dryer


Global patents

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