Please let me know the detailed contents of the drying test.

About the detailed contents of drying test.

We perform drying test for 2 days or more with one kind to material to be dried after receiving it. Some conditions settings of normal test are chosen and tests are performed on that settings.
The number of settings is two or more, and sometimes the tests are performed under 10 or more settings.
Drying condition is different for each material, therefore, it is decided which model of KENKI DRYER should be used based on test results performed by test machine. In addition, measurement for amount of steam and electricity consumed, confirmation of necessity of subsidiary facilities are took place. About the necessity of subsidiary facilities, it is decided by taking the dryer into pieces and checking the condition of dust generated inside of the dryer, amount of water and dust in the exhaust air, and also clearness of the water.

Items to be used for model selection.
Moisture contents before and after drying  W.B.
・Amount of input per hour
・Rotation speed of shaft, Residence time
・Temperature of the material to be dried, temperature of each parts of the dryer
・Amount of steam, amount of electricity
・Taking photos of each parts

Items used for decision of necessity for subsidiary facilities
Amount of dust generated in dryer’s body and exhaust air
・Amount of water in exhaust air, clearness of the water and amount of dust
・Taking photos of each parts

The following diagram shows measurement points during drying test of KENKI DRYER.

drying test measurement spot kenkidryer 23.11.2017

NOMeasurement pointsMeasurement items
1Materials before dryingMoisture contents, temperature and weights
2Materials after dryingMoisture contents, temperature and weights
3Internal Temperature of each part

Inlet, intermediate parts, discharged parts and exhaust ducts

4Steam inserted           Pressure, temperature, amount of input per hour 
5Each motors Frequency and electricity current value, motor in the main body, circulation blower and exhaust blower.
6Exhaust steam drainWeight of drain
7Taking photos of each parts 

After test is finished, after taking the dryer in pieces.

8Drainage tankWeight of drain


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