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Our drying machine of KENKI DRYER exhausts water vapor inside of its body with exhaust blowers during being operating. If moisture inside of the dryer is not exhausted, amount of water vapor in the dryer reaches to the amount of saturated vapor and materials to be dried get wet because of dew condensation even though it is being dried.
The temperature of the air exhausted to outside of the dryer with exhaust blower becomes less than 100℃ and the released water vapor turns to water. The exhausted air can be simply released into the atmosphere though, it is also possible to treat the water in the exhausted air with water treatment facilities.
In case that exhaust air contains stench or certain level of dusts, the air may need to be treated with scrubber, etc.However, according to the past KENKI DRYER’s result, scrubbers and dust collectors are not used so often but only water treatment facilities are. It depends on the materials to be dried though, the reason for the above results seems to be that the amount of water included in the exhausted air is very small.
KENKI DRYER is using circulated heating with the mechanisms that no fresh air is entered to the dryer’s body and that hot-air generated by heating air in the dryer is blew on materials to be dried. Therefore, there are small effects from the humidity of air outside and only water vapor within the dryer is exhausted as dehumidification under conditions which are nearly sealed up. The ventilation differs from the ones done by normal dryers. 

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