Dried cell fertilizer / Sludge drying

This is how sludge drying are done in a food plant. Components of sludge after the drying process are proved by materials ingredient analysis that they can be used as fertilizer.

After water treatment process is done in food plants etc., discharged organic sludge can be used as fertilizer by being dried with KENKI DRYER of our drying machine. In case that the dried sludge is used as fertilizer, however, it needs to be registered as “dried cell fertilizer” to local government of each prefecture.
Components of the dried cell fertilizer is regulated in Fertilizer Regulation Act, and the components must fulfill the regulation. Also, plants harms tests must be done and expected harms are investigated by these tests.
Previously, components of sludge dried by KENKI DRYER have been inspected to be registered as “dried cell fertilizer”. As the result of the inspection, there was no problem at all. We recently have got a result of another inspection and the components are within the provisions as well.
So, what are reasons to make fertilizer even by introducing dryer? They can be the followings.
・ Reduction in the cost of industrial waste disposal and cost of management such as industrial waste manifest system. 
・Improving environmental hygiene by drying sludge immediately.
・Contribution for reducing environmental impact. Showing up corporate visions to public.

One of main characteristics of KENKI DRYER is that there is small change in components because of low-temperature drying. Also, it can dry any sticky and adhesive materials without being clogged inside of the dryer. Continuous operation is possible for 24 hours because of its continuous drying system and no arrangement of operators is necessary.
Its patented structure is simple and price is lower compared with products of other company. Normally, the price can be considered not by comparing with products of company but by comparing with cost of industrial waste disposal.


food processing factory sludge drying before after KENKI DRYER 16.1.2018

  • Material to be dry:Food processing factory sludge
  • Purpose of drying: To use as fertilizer after drying. Dried cell fertilizer. Cost reduction of industrial waste disposal. 
  • Moisture content: 85.9%W.B. before drying, 6.7%W.B. after drying
  • Requirements for dryer: No clogging inside of the dryer since materials being dried are sticky. 24-hour unattended operation. No change in components of the dried materials after drying because of the purpose for Fertilizer
  • Test result: OK


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