JIS standardization of solid fuel made from sewage sludge / sludge drying

MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) established JIS standard about sewage sludge solid fuel in September, 2014. 
There was a purpose to improve recycling rate and energy generation rate of sewage sludge since solid fuel made from sewage sludge has 60-70% of calorific value compared with coals and it is enough to be used as fuel. Establishment of JIS standard helps stabilization of quality, establishing reliability and stimulation of market about the solid fuel made from sewage sludge.
According to cabinet decision in March 2012, target energy generation ratio of sewage sludge is set to be increased to 29% in 2016 from 13% which is the actual result in 2010.

Data of KENKI DRYER, which is our drying machine, about sewage sludge before and after drying is the following. These are examples in Japan.
There are two different standards in JIS which are BSF-15 and BSF, and both results fulfilled the BSF-15 which is standardizing higher quality levels.
There is stench remained after drying process of sewage sludge using KENKI DRYER.
One of the method to remove the stench is low-temperature carbonization and it can be done by a pyrolyzer called Biogreen which is one of our products.


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sludge dryer sludge drying kenki dryer The energy use of sewage sludge


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