What is wetting? / sludge drying, slurry drying, waste drying

KENKI DRYER is a drying apparatus, and drying suggests the process to add heat to materials containing water, solvent, etc. and vaporize the liquid. It can be said that liquid in wet solid body becomes gas by getting energy.
What is wetting then?

Wetting is phenomenon that liquid is touching surface of solid body. Solid body will not be wet when gas contacts solid.
Liquid and solid differs from gas, and they are gathered and keeps its state. It is because atoms and molecules within liquid and solid are pulling each other, and strong force called surface tension is acting to direction toward their surface. Each of liquid and solid has this tension, and we can see it easily in liquid state since external form of liquid is settled by balance between its own weight and surface tension.  In solid state, on the other hand, force keeping external form is strong and surface tension can hardly be visible. However, it becomes easier to see surface tension of solid body when liquid contacts solid. In case that surface tension of solid body is larger than one of liquid, liquid tend to flow along with surface of solid rather than to form a spherical itself, so that solid get wet. In contrast, solid hardly get wet if liquid doesn’t spread and it forms a spherical. The degree of wetness differs according to difference between surface tension of solid and liquid while their contact. The degree of wetness can be measured by contact angle.

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The following is a movie of installation of  KENKI DRYER trial run.


KENKI DRYER which is designed and manufactured based on internationally patented technologies can definitely solve troubles of drying sticky, adhesive, and viscous materials, and also of liquid slurry. For sludge drying, costs of our dryer are estimated to be retrieved in 2 or 3 years by reduced cost of industrial waste disposal. For raw material slurry drying, we recommend replacing traditional box-shaped compartment tray dryers which need laborious works of manual operation. While organic waste with high moisture content such as used tea leaves, soy pulps, food residues, livestock excretions etc. can be dried with low-temperature and without change in their components, it is possible to recycle the waste as fuels, soil conditioner, etc., to sell them with high price, and to contribute for the environment.
Because of the internationally patented technologies, our dryer has outstanding drying performance which can dry sticky, adhesive, and viscous materials, and also liquid slurry that no other dryers can take care without clogging inside of its body. Also, since its structure is simple, initial, running and maintenance costs are low. Please do compare with other company’s products. The structure is simple, therefore, it hardly breaks, it has small number of replacement parts, it is easy to be maintained, and its service life is long.
Please don’t hesitate to ask for solutions about troubles of drying sticky, adhesive, and viscous materials, and also of liquid slurry.






Please consider KENKI DRYER for drying of sticky materials, adhesive materials and materials in liquid state that no other dryer can deal with.
Initial, running and maintenance costs are low because of its simple structure based on internationally patented technology.
For sludge drying, costs of our dryers are estimated to be retrieved within 2, 3 years by reducing industrial waste disposal cost.
For raw material slurry drying, laborious works of manual operation will be decreased significantly by replacing box shaped compartment tray dryer with our dryer
In case of organic wastes drying, the waste can be recycled as fuel, fertilizer, soil conditioner and feedstuff after being dried.



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